My Blogging Goals for 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!
Wow. 2011 has completely flew by. It's just a year and a few months that I have been blogging. I have accomplished many things, I'm really pleased about how things are going with my blog. Though, now it will have to slow down a notch seeing as college is overwhelming and I really need the extra time to study.
ANYWAYS! These are some things that I really hope in accomplishing this year.

1. Download my blog weekly- Lately, I've been hearing that many bloggers have been losing their blog. Seriously? I do not want that happening with me! I spent so much time and effort with my blog that I just cannot stand the thought of losing everything!

2. Reply to comments and comment on other blogs- I rarely reply to comments on the blog. The main reason being that blogger hasn't got a reply button but I should let that be a problem now seeing as I've worked my way around it. And in commenting in other blogs, I thought that I'll do if I just read the blog posts but nopee.

3. Be more sociable- I do go on Twitter. I reply to my mentions as much as possible and emails but I don't really approach other bloggers that often which I really think I should.

4. Write more reviews!- I do read. This year I actually managed to read 142 BOOKS. Yes! But I really cannot be bothered with reviews. To write and think and write and think! Actually, I think I should find another way in expressing my love for reviews, like a video or something? I have no idea. More thinking!

5. Make Gripped into Books more popular- The blog has around 1600 followers and I get around 300 readers a day. So, I think that I should continue getting more readers and share my love of books more!

6. Stalk authors-I really have a limited amount of author posts on the blog so that should be changed. And, I need to meet more authors, I really lack that!

7. Make a YouTube channel - I haven't got YouTube channel and I do think I should make an account as it can be very useful in blogging. Only then I think would I make videos and actually watch some book trailers.

Okay. I 'll stop there and I just hope I actually can achieve them! Have you got any goals for this year?
Let me know your thoughts :)


  1. This is a great list! I can't believe people are loosing their blogs! :( I would be devastated if that happened to me!

  2. Happy New Year! Thats a great list of goals. I want to be more social this year too. Mainly in the form of leaving comments on the blogs that I read all the time. I'm a serial lurker.

    Here are my 2012 goals


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