Rockoholic by C J Skuse

by C J Skuse

Pages: 368
Release Date: March 7th 2011
Publisher: Chicken House
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Jody loves Jackson Gatlin. At his only UK rock concert, she’s right at the front. But when she's caught in the crush and carried back stage she has more than concussion to contend with. Throw in a menacing manager, a super-wired super-star, and a curly-wurly, and she finds herself taking home more than just a poster. It’s the accidental kidnapping of the decade. But what happens if you’ve a rock-god in your garage who doesn’t want to leave? Jody’s stuck between a rock-idol and a hard place! From the pen of C.J. Skuse, author of last year’s super cool debut Pretty Bad Things, comes a tale of rock star obsession gone nuts. Hilariously and sharply explores the fantasy and reality of celebrity obsession through a teenager’s eyes. C. J. Skuse has been billed as the new Nick Hornby for teens

My Thoughts
Rockoholic is a stunner of a book. This was my first book to read by C J Skuse so I was pretty excited. From the bright attractive cover, the funny yet thrilling plot and the awesome characters, everything was completed wonderfully. I loved this book!

We meet Jody, the girl who is head over heels over one particular rock star- Jackson. When she gets hold of a few tickets for his concert, she makes sure she's the first to get there. But then, she gets herself caught in a funny situation involving Jackson. Well, to be exact... kidnapping Jackson!

Jody is a humorous character. Especially when she decides to do the unthinkable, obviously something to do with Jackson. Jackson is seriously messed. He's all over the place. Everything he goes through is not pretty. I like him though but mainly his rock star side. He is just so cool.

The best thing about Rockoholic is that it's completely unpredictable. You'll guess a lot of things are going to happen. I've got to admit, I've wanted some particular things to go on but yeah, you can guess it didn't happen. Not that I'm disappointed because all in all I loved it. Especially the ending.

Rockoholic is a hilarious, fun read. It's totally engaging. C J Skuse has done a brilliant job. I really have to read more book by him!


  1. Interesting. This is the first time I have heard of such a story and is definitely a break from all the fantasy books going around in this section. I hope it has a good following.

  2. I really loved this book! I thought it was hilarious, and the characters were brilliant. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. cool , something diffrent , love fantasy , but a break is good 2

  4. The fun part is surely intriguing! Been a while since I really laughed aloud while reading !!

  5. Sounds like a fanfic :x It must be a fun read. I love the cover!

  6. Brilliant review, this book sounds good. :-)

  7. Not my type of this but this sounds really funny!!probs something I'd recommend to my sister. Thanks for the review!!

  8. Never heard of it, But I love the cover and I absolutely ADORE funny MC's so hopefully I'll like it! Just added to my HUGE tbr pile!

  9. Looks like a great book-will mark it as a to-read


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