A Need for Book News (7)

A Need for Book News is a weekly feature I thought of doing displaying recent book related news that have been announed during the week! For previous Book News posts, click here.
Take a look at all the awesome bookish things! :D
Cover Alerts!
Destined by P.C. CAST
Oh my! I LOVE this cover! Especially, the tattoos on the models back, it makes it all the more alluring and way spooky-er :)
UPDATE: This is NOT the official cover. It's Fan Made!
Across the Universe by Beth Revis
This is the US(?) paperback version of cross the Universe. I really like it and I think it's just as good as the hardback version!

Ahhh! The Fever cover! It's so great and it totally goes with the Wither cover too. I love it! I really liked reading the book too, can't wait to read this one now! (:
Here's an extract too!
A breeze rolls up from the water, and I realize at once how numb the cold air and wet clothes have made me. We should find someplace to stay, but where? I sit up and take in our surroundings. There’s sand and rocks for several more yards, but beyond that I can see the shadows of buildings. A lone freight truck lumbers down a faraway road, and I think soon it’ll be dark enough for Gatherer vans to start patrolling the area with their lights off. This would be the perfect place for them to hunt; there don’t appear to be any streetlights, and the alleyways between those buildings could be full of scarlet district girls.

Gabriel, of course, is more concerned about the blood. He’s trying to wrap my palm with a piece of seaweed, and the salt is burning the wound. I just need a minute to take this all in, and then I’ll worry about the cut. This time yesterday, I was a House Governor’s bride. I had sister wives. At the end of my life, my body would end up with the wives who died before me, on a rolling cart in my father-in-law’s basement, for him to do only he knows what.

But now there’s the smell of salt, sound of the ocean. There’s a hermit crab making its way up a sand dune. And something else, too. My brother, Rowan, is somewhere out here. And there’s nothing stopping me from getting home to him.

Chain reaction book trailer! I am dying to read this book after reading the two previous books in the series! And look! The trailer. I really like it! Don't you?

LJ Smith. The author of the vampire diaries? Yes, so this is another book series she wrote- The Secret Circle. I havn't read that series but I did read the Vampire Diaries series. Anyways, this is the trailer for the series that's going to air on CW on Spetember 15th. It's totally great! I cannot wait to watch it!

Other News

Richelle Mead has issued a challenge to her fans: Reach 10,000 pre-orders for BLOODLINES before this week ends and she will reveal an exclusive cut-chapter from the book, narrated by the one and only Adrian Ivashkov!! ADRIAN FANS UNITE! Details here!
Feeling the need to release your inner wolf
over the cliffhanger Andrea Cremer left us with in Wolfsbane? Well tuck your tail between your legs, because she's given us preview of the first chapter of BLOODROSE! Warning: Do not read if you have not read Wolfsbane. Spoilers, ahoy! Read it here!

Want to read the first chapter of LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR?! Of course you do! Go on this link to read it!! CAN I HAVE THE FULL BOOK NOW PLEASE?!
The Hunger Games!
Entertainment Weekly has done a spread for the boys of The Hunger Games. EW has released high quality versions of some of those stills to help hold us over until we can pick up the magazine for ourselves!

Just look at Peeta! Gale's not too bad either. Don't you just love the photos! More info at EW.

So much bookish news this week! Awesome stuff! Right?


  1. Hmm not exactly how I imagined Peeta... He looks about 20 in the first picture! LOVE LOVE LOVE Fever, not so crazy about ATU new cover though...

  2. Great post but I thought I should let you know that the Destined cover is fake. (IE; the misspelling of "Authors"). The official cover won't be released for several weeks on the official Facebook page.

  3. I'm wasn't too excited about The Hunger Games movie because so many film adaptions have disappointed me, but I have to say that those stills made me squeal! Now I kinda can't wait to see the movie...

  4. The first chapter of Lola! Thanks for sharing. I love the US paperback of ATU. And really excited for THG movie, even though the cast isn't exactly how imagined the characters to be.

  5. What a lot of info! I love the Destined cover, it totally fits with the House of Night books, and the Fever cover is awesome, as well! I'm getting ready to start the Hunger Games, so all of the people in these pics will already be in my head when I'm reading it, which will help when the movie comes out :)
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