The Dark Prince by Elizabeth Loraine

The Dark Prince
by Elizabeth Loraine

Pages: 236
Release Date: September 1st 2010
Publisher: Createspace
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Having lost the love of her life, Katrina continues her mission to protect the peace loving races against the forces of darkness. The five make new allies in the New World and as they continue to fight the Rising Evil in the Old. Join Katrina, Kate, Rosa, El and Letta in this historically based action packed account of love, friendship and revenge...

My Thoughts
Another interesting installment from Elizabeth Lorraine. The Dark Prince continues its adventures as Katrina and the chosen five travel to America.

The same urgency and thrill from the other books is still found in this book. Katrina continues to be the strong and lively character as she guides and supports her friends and family. I enjoy reading about her character because her presence in the story and the way she sees the world is truly fascinating.

Though the historical fiction was captivating and in depth with the history of the vampires, it wasn't something that appealed to me. Although, I definitely believe others will be very interested in this.

The vivid descriptions and the way Elizabeth Loraine writes is as if I could feel the action taking place. The plot was very consuming with the odd twists and turns it had me wanting to read  more. I wonder if there's going to be another book? Hope so!

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  1. Thanks Mia, Book Four Cain the Quest has just been released on Amazon and Kindle as well as Barnes and Noble and nook! I would be happy to answer any questions any of your readers may have and thanks again.

    Elizabeth Loraine

  2. This looks like a great review.

    I thought the book was an awesome read as well.

  3. I've just finished Cain, Book 4 in the series,
    and can't wait to get Book 5 in my hands.
    Memorable characters and believable worlds make a series successful, and Elizabeth does that in each of her books.

    I'm one who likes the mix of Old World and New; it adds another level of exploration for the writer's imagination.

    If you like image-packed adventures that keeps a book in your hands, I strongly recommend this series.

  4. I've never heard of this book before it's also a new to me author.

  5. This is a new book to me. I love the look of it and I also like the fact that your reviews and short to the point, and easy to read and follow along!

  6. I haven't heard of this series, but the cover looks pretty amazing(:


  7. Will need to mark this as a to-read, haven't heard of this book.


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